Online Ivy League?

Online higher education is here! One silicon valley CEO thinks the tower at the Ivy League is coming to your desktop.

Models of doing online higher education abound.  The Western Governors University offers accredited degrees in majors where learners pass through a competency evaluation system, rather than the brick-and-mortar lecture model where a portfolio of work is accumulated.  The Open University in the United Kingdom and the University of the People in Israel operate on similar models of open registration, and in the case of the University of the People, free tuition.  Do you think the University of Ohio or the University of California is the largest higher education institution?  Think again!  The online, for-profit, University of Phoenix carries that distinction, and like most for-profit universities such as Udacity it is mostly an online system.

Minerva has a different model.  Quality education and a not-for-profit system.  Has its time come?


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