Congreso de las Americas sobre Educacion Internacional

The Conference of the Americas on International Education was being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week April 25th – 28th.  The Chronicle of Higher Education releases an initial report about the dialogue at the conference.

Canada sent a large delegation as well as the host Brazil.  Canada, along with Australia, has a very organized policy strategy to forge connections in higher education and their representation at this conference evidences that commitment.

Read about the Science without Borders Program.  This initiative of the Government of Brazil intends to send 100,000 undergraduate Brazilian students to study at top-flight universities outside the country.  It is on the leading edge of policy in international education, and sets a high bar for emulation by other countries wishing to develop human capital.

Chile had a disappointing delegation of just three representatives, the same as Bolivia.  For a country with some great universities and with a government policy, CONICYT, dedicated to human capital development, it would have been a great opportunity to learn from leaders in the field and make connections with colleagues from across the Americas.


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