Global Ed Fellowships in Ecuador


Ecuador is a wonderful place to live and learn!

WorldTeach recently announced a fully-funded Global Education Fellowship. This program combines teaching in primary or secondary schools and extensive professional development in the breathtaking Amazon or Sierra (Andes) regions of Ecuador.

Fellows will live in Ecuador for 10 months participating in Ecuador’s Time to Teach initiative, sponsored by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Fellows will advance effective, student-centered education practices in Ecuadorian schools, while participating in an ongoing conversation about the future of globalization, education and international development in the 21st century.

Fellowship postings will be in primary and secondary schools in rural areas such as the Ecuadorian Amazon, home to one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world (Yasuni National Park and Biosphere Reserve), and the Andes and Sierra Highlands, a region of majestic mountains and lush valleys that is famed for its recreational and tourist opportunities.

The Global Education Fellowship is a multi-faceted professional development program. Fellows are expected to complete research and reflection projects addressing the theme of how 21st century globalization is affecting education and learning, with projects tailored by each Fellowship participant to match their areas of interest and career objectives.

The research component will average 15 hours per month, while teaching will average 30 hours per week. You will be responsible for lesson plans, grading and other duties as assigned by local school administrators. Class sizes and students’ previous exposure to English will vary.


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