There are a variety of online resources to learn more about Chile, connect with the Chilean community in the United States, find out about living in Chile as an ex-pat, and follow news and events about Chile.  These resources may be useful if you are thinking of moving between the United States and Chile or if you are helping students or other individuals travel.

News in Chile

  • Santiago Times – The largest and best known English language newspaper in Chile
  • El Mercurio – The largest Spanish language circulation newspaper
  • La Tercera – A popular Spanish language circulation newspaper and website

Building Chilean – U.S. Business Ties in the United States

Consular Services

There are a variety of programs to assist Chilean citizens and/or permanent residents who live in the United States.  As a citizen you can renew your passport, obtain document legalizations, and other consular services at the Embassy of Chile in Washington DC or at consulates.  The elections in 2017 marked the first time that citizens of Chile were able to vote in the congressional and presidential election by registering at the Embassy or a consulate.  Permanent residents of Chile are able to renew their legal residency for up to 4 years while outside the country.

Moving to Chile

The Government of Chile sponsors programs to encourage citizens and permanent residents living abroad to return to Chile.  One program offers a government subsidy to buy or build a house in Chile.  The StartUp Chile program offers seed money for IT and Tech ventures to locate to Chile and develop their product for the national or international market.  The CORFO and CONICYT programs offer programs for business and education to attract capital and talent to Chile.  Various companies offer shipping services for moving property to Chile.


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