The largest funder of productive and academic research is the CONICYT institution, part of the Government of Chile.  CONICYT funds international research between academic institutions, the exchange of researchers and teachers, and scholarships for academic study and research.  It also funds research in the productive sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, astronomy, computer technologies, and much more.  For a institution or an academic, CONICYT programs are your first stop to find out about doing research in Chile.

There are a variety of research institutions linked to major universities in Chile, among them the at the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Universidad de Concepción, and others.

The Facebook Group Programa de Becas en el Extranjero Becas Chile is a 80,000 strong group of Chilenos who have studied countries outside Chile or have an interest in research.  This social community shares information about jobs and projects in a wide variety of disciplines and programs.

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