Universidad del Caribe; Cancun, Mexico with COIL professors

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), also known as Globally Networked Learning (GNL), Virtual Exchange, and others; is a a teaching and learning methodology which provides innovative cost-effective internationalization strategies. Such programs foster faculty and student interaction with peers abroad through co-taught multicultural online and blended learning environments emphasizing experiential student collaboration. COIL was founded by Prof. Jon Rubin as a faculty-led initiative at SUNY’s Purchase College with support from SUNY System Administration’s Office of International Programs and the SUNY Learning Network, and the SUNY COIL Center continues to encourage and support the implementation of collaborative online international learning as a format for experimental cross-cultural learning at SUNY, across the US, and the world.¬† As a member of the COIL Center team I have presented at national and international conferences and led professional training workshops on the projects and methods of SUNY’s COIL initiative.