Arcadia Students, 2015 Preview; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Chile is on the cusp of a revolution.  Whether it is the ‘penguin revolution‘ in 2006 or the ‘university protests‘ in 2011, the topic of education has been on the lips of everyone in Chile during the last decade, and it is an exciting time to study or teach in Chile.

Study abroad in Chile offers a variety of exciting possibilities.  You may want to study in Valparaiso, the cultural jewel of Chile, or in Santiago, the modern and cosmopolitan metropolis of the country. You could do a semester in Patagonia or in the Atacama desert, and while studying in these unique cultural and geographic settings, you will have the possibility to learn why universities in Chile are among the best in Latin America.  In 2013, a consortium of universities in Chile launched the Learn Chile initiative to promote and coordinate information about Chile destination for study abroad students.

For example, according to QS Rankings the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile is the second best university in all of Latin America, and the Universidad de Chile is close behind, and as a result of all the pressure coming from students and citizens to improve the quality of universities, things are only going to get better.  The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso is a comprehensive university which welcomes many international students and has a large support staff to coordinate home-stays with local families.  A full list of universities in Chile can be found on Wikipedia.

Several US based universities and study abroad institutions offer programs in Chile.

For those interested in graduate school, the Government of Chile is offering generous scholarships for foreign students who want to attend graduate school in Chile.  Especially in the fields of technology, business, and agriculture for exportation, and mining, universities in Chile offer first class degree programs which and the possibility to make connections with partners and collaborators in one of the words hottest emerging markets.